Email Marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing

The email marketing is a great, easy and economical way to stay in touch with your clients and create repeat sales.

. Nevertheless to achieve this, you need your emails to follow a specific design concept, to have a professional appearance and they should satisfy certain technical requirements to ensure that they will reach their destination and will not result in the folder with spam emails.

Also it should be assured that your emails can be properly displayed regardless of the email client used by the recipient. Everyone can write and send an email or a newsletter. But the email marketing is much more than

Send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.
by Artnoise Designers

that. How do we put our signature on an email? Do you know ways to prevent your email from being seen as an email spam by the filters of the servers? Do you know how you can send a group email? Have you wondered how many of the recipients from your list open your emails? Do you write down how many of the recipients opened and read your email, contacted you or bought any of your website products? Have you checked if your email is appearing correctly on your outlook, in hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.? Have you created an alternative way to display your emails to those who have chosen not to display images in their inbox? What is the best time of the day to send your emails? Do you know the consequences for your company by sending spam-email?

It’s important to be able to answer all of the above questions. The daily use of the emails is the way to promote our company properly. Create a database of your clients’ email addresses and try to make regular campaigns with a Newsletter. We can create and manage your campaign on your behalf. The results are amazing from the very first moment.